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Thursday, June 2, 2011


Life is full of changes.  Some are small and some are huge.  Some come quickly and some progress slowly and over time.

I am a woman who does not particularly like change.  In fact, I usually don't even move my living room furniture around.  I much prefer life to stay at the same steady pace all the time.  However, there have been a few new things come into my life over the last few months.  

First, a few months ago I started trying to eat healthier and exercise three to four times a week. By the way, the 
Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30 dvd really kicks my butt!  Even after repetitively doing these new things, I still have to convince myself moment by moment that it will all be worth- while when there is less of me (at least physically) to love.  

Second, just about three weeks ago, I started collecting and using coupons.  I got interested in them after watching a couple of episodes of TLC's 
Extreme Couponing. The women on that show have really impressed me with their shopping savvy.  I'm not sure that I'll have a massive stockpile like they do, but I DO need to save money at the grocery store and clipping coupons for things I buy anyway like Tide detergent and KIX  cereal seems like a good way to save my hubby's hard earned dollars.

The last change so far is one that has progressed over the past eighteen years.  My son, Christian, graduated from Delta High School just last week.  Since he was born, he has continued to grow and change.  But, the thought of him leaving home in just three short months to go to college at Adams State chokes me up.  Mind you that this is the same child that I couldn't wait to grow up a few years ago.  Now that he's older and more mature, I want him to stay home and bake cookies with me. Sigh.

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